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Help support Artist, Monica Tookes' leap into growing her business!
Your contribution will make a direct impact on enabling MT (empty) SPACES GALLERY to continue to connect the community to a visual arts experience that gives back and opens opportunities for collecting fine art. With your help, MT (empty) SPACES GALLERY can continue to go further passionately through the Arts! Use drop down menu, pick your desired amount, and support the arts!

Monica Tookes has been building on her dreams for over 20 years. She is a professional artist and visionary that is passionate about supporting others and giving back to her community.

Her new vision is to open a flexible space that seeks to actively engage people by presenting vibrant programs and shows that challenge, inspire, and expand explorations in the visual art experience. The gallery will present art that serves as a catalyst for conversation, education, and creative interaction in the community.

Programs such as art instruction to youth and seniors, children's exhibits, and Monica's One hundred for 100 Scholarship project to college bound or graduating students only highlight the many ways Tookes plans to connect the visual arts to the community. Exhibitions throughout the year give local and regional artists, including Monica Tookes, a venue for presenting their work to the public.

Newly added, Girls in the Gallery Leadership Master Class will connect young girls to women in dynamic careers for a 10 day leadership and empowerment workshop and lecture series. Each young lady will receive direct mentorship from leading ladies inspiring and teaching the girls how to reach their dreams and what tools they need to get there. A scholarship will also be awarded to a young lady that completes Master Class program.

Why Give?
Art is in everything! It builds, inspires, and grows people and communities inside out. Lets keep building together!

THANK YOU for supporting Monica Tookes' vision!
Each donor will receive a perk for your support! Donors, you will receive an email outling your gift for your level of support! Perks include MT SHOW BLOCKS, Merchandise, Signed Prints, Donor Circle name recognition, Event space use, Company/Individual name recognition, Abstract original paintings, workshop vouchers, and the most grateful heart for your support of the arts!
We HEART You So Much!

"An artist without a brush is simply a statue. An artist with a brush is a force to be reckoned with." Monica Tookes

(Use the contact form to send Monica Tookes words of encouragement or support! I bet she will create an installation out of your kind words!) If you want to donate goods or services, please contact us!